This story is a love song for the brave. It’s a song of bonding with my brothers and sisters in truth who are facing the tyranny head on, tough as it is. It’s a heartfelt song of gratitude for my tough and resilient friends, the heroes of our times.

Standing Up to “Unlove”: A Question of Life Vs. Rot

Existentially, what we are fighting against is the “unlove,” the hatred and fear of free-roaming life. Many of us have asked ourselves again and again what is wrong with the people who seem to hate life so much that they just want to destroy everything they touch. They are really bothered by the existence of anything with free will, anything they don’t control! They are so addicted to control that the existence of free will makes them hurt!

They are addicted to power. They need their high. And so, the petty censors, the delusional tyrants, the cruel emperors of our times are driven nuts by free-roaming life. The proverbial globalists of today, just like the conquistadors, the kings, and the big generals of the past … they just can’t walk past free-roaming life without desiring to get it enslaved or killed, in order to make it work for them.

It’s like our modern tradition of “medical science” that requires to first kill what one wants to understand, and then draw conclusions about what it must have been. It’s a little deranged. And so, in the spirit of madness, the tyrants of today are acting like free-roaming life is an insult. They are acting like the game of domination is the only game that exists. And it’s them who need to dominate. Of course.

By the way, it’s the tyrants of the past who came up with the tricky notion that “dog eat dog” is the only way to live. Yes, “dog eat dog” exists — of course it does — but so does love! So does support! So does the joy of bonding, of togetherness, of celebrating life!

We, human beings, are not zombie-bots! We have the power to choose the right balance of things, to live with respect for life — and we can choose to “do competition” with consideration for other people’s free will. Many of our ancestors from a long time ago actually lived this way! We can learn from them!

We can choose to un-internalize the deceit and to throw away the tyrants’ tricks into the garbage pile! By selective showcasing only one extreme (“dog eat dog”), the tyrants have painted over the beauty of life with all gray tones, and they have been hoping that after a while, we forget about everything except fear, pain, and serving them for crumbs — but we don’t have to think like they think! We are not theirs!

They, the aspiring dominators, can eat each other like dogs if they wish (I am saying this with apologies to the dogs). But we can choose to cherish life and protect each other from the mob!

Even Tyrants Can’t Escape Natural and Spiritual Laws

The aspiring masters at the very top are here to remind us of the powers that we have. They are anxious, blood-thirsty, cold-hearted psychopaths. They are mean. They have no respect for life and no respect for anyone’s free will except their own. All they know is that they “have to” to be in control, and they are going after their goal no matter how much life needs to be sacrificed. To them, we are ants.

There is nothing new about their plight. It’s a plight that is many centuries old. Their madness is ancient, their weaponry is old, and their hearts are pre-broken to make them who they are. They trying to lure us away from our spiritual power. They are trying to scare us, bully us, divide us, and keep us in a disheveled state.

But all this is not an isolated event. It’s a part of the process of forcing us to remember our connection to the loving spirit and to our sacred souls.

They are threatening our well-being with their genetic modifications, mandated poisons, Internet of Bodies and programmable CBDC. They are censoring our free expression and our good science. They are trying to make us feel isolated and alone. They are trying to trick us into feeling defeated by the bulldozer of their assault.

But underneath all the ugliness of their repulsive breath, it’s a philosophical scam. When we keep a cool head and do our job with love, we have the protection of the Creator and the support of the loving powers of the universe.

Our love and our courage are our shield, our souls give us grounding and protect us from the monster’s breath, and at one point, now or a thousand years later, the dominators will eat each other for good. We may or may not see this in our lifetime, but our descendants will.

Yes, the control freaks are trying to scare us — but we remember our courage, and we are not scared.

They are trying to bully us badly — but we tap into our courage, and we refuse to comply. They are trying to divide us and even send tricky people of darkness to pretend to be the people of light — but if we are honest, our hearts know.

And I feel just so much love for my brothers and sisters in truth. It is real love, not a theoretical stance. I am smiling ear to ear when I think of my brethren. We are dignified people, we are of love.

A Prayer for Our Victory, With Gratitude to My Brave Friends

To my brothers and sisters I say, I thank you from my heart. I feel so much love that no words are good enough to say how grateful I am to you. You inspire me. You keep me strong and sane. God bless your courage, and may our journey through this confusing terrain be filled with meaning, with smoothness, and with guidance from the loving forces of the universe.

Our human understanding of things may be limited, and at times we may want to kick and scream from having to deal with so much abuse — but with the guidance from the loving forces of the universe, we stand strong. And we need each other to walk in dignity and stand up against the mob.

What we are dealing with is the mob. Once we get it, everything makes sense. They are of the mob, and we are of love. Each of us has the free will to be the hero this world needs.

In the meanwhile, I am thanking my fellow warriors from my heart. You make my world go round, every day of my life. May the universe protect us from the mob, and may our love guide our hearts at all times, in the kindest way. Let it be so.

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