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I had a dream, a very strange dream about being “peacefully” enslaved by “well-intended” invading people who wanted to control my sexuality for life. It was all “peaceful” and “family-like” as long as I submitted my body to their authority, which claimed that sex was not to be had under any circumstances because it was from now on forbidden.

The dream was so vivid and so unpleasantly bizarre that I woke up with a 2019 mind, as if the past a year and a half have never happened, and I have not been bathing in the gradually warming water inside the pot.

Through the power of an intensified dream experience, an entire year and a half of abuse fell off — and as I looked around, I felt like I had gone traveling, and arrived in a bizarre sci-fi kingdom of distorted mirrors and people who had been poisoned by professional criminals, with great cruelty and precision. A kingdom ruled by cold-blooded psychopaths.

Like a fairy tale about lying villains. As I look around, I don’t recognize this land. What happened to us? Force-masking little children and depriving their growing brains of oxygen? Forcefully locking old people inside nursing homes and euthanizing some of them, in silence, with compete impunity, with zero attention from the public?

Chasing after free citizens with syringes filled with a lucrative concoction of carcinogenic nanoparticles and synthetic mRNA whose long-term effects are entirely unknown? Silencing respected scientists and doctors who dare talk about the alarming data coming in regarding the safety of what’s in the syringe? WTF? And don’t give me this “health emergency” television narrative. Just don’t. It’s been a year and a half, and I am tired of deflecting bullshit.

It was okay to be terrified a year and a half ago — and we all were, and we all complied in varying degrees, and wore the stupid masks, and danced the dance of “two weeks to flatten the curve, and ____.” But now? Look around. Where is reality?

The news narrative falls apart from the slightest poke. You breathe on it — and it falls apart. There is almost nothing true about it. And if you poke a little deeper, you discover with incredible disgust there never was.

I am screaming on the inside. We have been duped!!! A lot of what they did to the elders in nursing homes was murder, and that murder was used to scare us even more. A lot of what they did to hospital patients was medical mismanagement, some of which was also murder, and it was used to scare us even more.

The stats were rigged. The hospitals weren’t overrun any more than they were in preceding years. The diagnostic tests — nuance aside — weren’t suitable to diagnose clinical disease — and it was known — and yet they went right ahead enforcing them, to scare us even more.

The lucrative industry plans to introduce multiple mandatory adult injections on a massive scale predated the “pandemic” — and so did the plans to put everyone on digital IDs to control every aspect of our lives — and so did the plans to refocus the healthcare on “gene therapy” and “precision medicine” — and so did the plans to move education online as much as possible for data capture — and so did many other components of the wretched transhumanist reform.

Health response? Really? We need to stop doing this. We just need to stop doing this. We just need to snap out of it. Wake up. I love you. Please wake up. (Here is a segment of my interview with Mark Crispin Miller from April 2021. It still stands.)

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