Physical appearance is becoming more and more important to people these days. People are taking more and more photos with the increased use of mobile devices. Whilst filters can be great to give the impression that you look a certain way, let’s face it, they are ‘filters’ after all.

The “real you” is still there to be seen when one looks into the mirror when brushing our teeth on a daily basis. Most people will know if they are not happy with their teeth and will know exactly what they would like to change given the chance. However, may not; so here are 5 signs that might help you decide if seeing a cosmetic dentist is for you.

Cosmetic Dentist

1. Missing teeth

Probably one of the most obvious aspects that either you or someone else might notice is a missing tooth or missing teeth. Usually, a missing tooth or missing teeth can be hidden if you never crack a smile. When the time does come,
however, the chances are you will be conscious of it and probably not be able to smile as well as you could if you had something done about it.

Some of the procedures these days are really straightforward and pain-free. You could even
have that winning smile the same day as your consultation.

2. Discoloured or stained teeth

Unless you are extremely fortunate, the chances are, your teeth will have changed colour over time. Some people may only have one or two teeth that have discoloured or stained, making it even more obvious. Sure, there are
products on the market that can help but they just don’t offer the same results as that offered by a cosmetic dentist.

You could look into seeing a cosmetic dentist in North Shore or in your city. Their websites will likely explain the specific procedures in more detail.

3. Chipped or cracked teeth

You may not even know if you have a chipped or cracked tooth visually, although you may have some discomfort when eating certain foods. A chipped tooth is going to be more obvious than a cracked tooth.

In most cases, if left untreated, it will get worse over time and potentially cause more damage. If you are in discomfort, then seeing a cosmetic dentist could be well worth a visit.

4. Don’t want to smile

If for whatever reason, you are wary of smiling, then seeing a cosmetic dentist could fix that for you pretty easily. There are a host of reasons people might be afraid to smile. Mainly though, it all comes down to looks. If the look or shape of your teeth is an issue for you then book an appointment to find out what could be done.

5. You just want a different look

Some people just want to look different or are not comfortable with the way they look. Most people will have seen a dentist when they were younger to undergo some sort of corrective measures.

For others, the shape of their teeth and or jaw may have been absolutely fine especially in their younger years. However, it may have now become something that they would like to change or enhance in some way. A visit to a reliable cosmetic dentist can help you fix this.

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