1 Which of the following PR firms was recently sued over its role in creating deceptive opioid marketing that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans?

  • Publicis Health

    The Massachusetts attorney general is suing Purdue’s PR firm, Publicis Health, for its role in creating Purdue’s deceptive marketing. Learn more.

  • Next PR Services
  • Crisis PR Consulting
  • Axia PR

2 Early at-home treatment of COVID-19 will:

  • Have no impact on outcome

  • Lower risk of death by 85% and reduce time of infectiousness from two weeks to about four days

    According to Dr. Peter McCullough, early treatment could have prevented up to 85% of COVID-19 deaths. Early at-home treatment also minimizes the spread, as the amount of time you’re infectious can be reduced from two weeks to about four days. Learn more.

  • Guarantee survival
  • Increase your risk of spreading the infection to others

3 Which of the following U.S. institutions funded gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

  • Integrated Research Facility at Fort Detrick
  • Military and Health Research Foundation
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

    NIAID is known to have funded gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the WIV. Learn more.

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

4 Bill Gates’ marriage and reputation took a hit when reports emerged he’d had several meetings with:

  • Former California mayor Robert E. Jacob, arrested for child sex crimes
  • Judge Brett Blomme, arrested for child pornography
  • Stanford University researcher Chen Song, indicted on charges relating to her relationship with the Chinese military
  • Jeffrey Epstein, a notorious child sex trafficker who died in prison in 2019

    After 27 years of marriage, Melinda and Bill Gates are getting divorced. Melinda reportedly contacted divorce attorneys in 2019, shortly after reports of Bill’s repeated meetings with notorious child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein emerged. Learn more.

5 In addition to hydroxychloroquine, which of the following medications has been shown to reduce the risk of COVID-19 when taken as a prophylactic and to improve outcomes when used in treatment of COVID-19, yet is being actively suppressed by the WHO, NIH and U.S. FDA?

  • Ivermectin

    Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that may be even more useful against COVID-19 than hydroxychloroquine. However, like HCQ, use of ivermectin has been globally suppressed, discouraged and even warned against, despite decades of safe use for other ailments. Learn more.

  • Aspirin
  • Remdesivir
  • Permethrin

6 Which of the following vaccines has the highest number of reported deaths of any vaccine in U.S. history?

  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • COVID-19 vaccines

    In just four months, the COVID-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 — a period of 15.5 years. Learn more.

  • Seasonal influenza vaccines
  • Meningitis vaccine

7 Based on what we know about COVID-19 vaccines, in the next 10 to 15 years, we are likely to see spikes in which of the following?

  • IQ
  • Fertility
  • Prion diseases

    In the next 10 to 15 years, we are likely to see spikes in prion diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases at younger ages, and blood disorders such as blood clots, hemorrhaging, stroke and heart failure. Learn more.

  • Gray hair

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