This week, we celebrate our 10th anniversary of Vaccine Awareness Week. In this video, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), summarizes the high and low points we’ve experienced over the past year, and shares the details about NVIC’s international public conference on vaccination.1

Due to fluctuating social distancing rules and COVID-19-related travel bans, for the first time, this three-day conference will be held entirely online, October 16 through 18, 2020. The theme of this conference will be “Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century.” I invite you to attend by registering now. Since the conference is virtual, you now have the rare opportunity to attend no matter where you live.

“I was so excited to see how many credentialed scientists and physicians, state senators, authors, human rights activists — how many people agreed to participate,” Fisher says.

“We have more than 40 high-caliber speakers who are going to be presenting at this three-day conference. It also features two films … We have kept the ticket price really low to try to allow families around the world to be able to see this conference … [It’s just] $80 for three days and three nights of knowledge.”

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Protecting Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century

The conference is divided into four primary themes:

  1. U.S. and International Vaccine Choice Advocacy
  2. “Show Us the Science”
  3. The Paradigm Shift Toward Health and Liberty
  4. Growing Grassroots Vaccine Awareness

Following are the scheduled speakers and the topics of their presentations:

Chris Exley, Ph.D. — Aluminum Toxicity and Human Health

Jacob Puliyel, M.D. — Redefining Vaccine Reactions to Erase Evidence of Harm

Dennis Rancourt, Ph.D. — From Masking to Mortality Rates: COVID-19 and What the Science Tells Us

Vicky Pebsworth, Ph.D., R.N. — Novel Technologies Driving the Creation of COVID-19 Vaccines

Alan Kassel — Consensus Science Is Not Science Because Science Is Never Settled

Malcolm Kendrick, M.D.— Manipulating Science to Endorse Policy and Market Products

Meryl Nass, M.D. — From Anthrax to COVID-19: What You Need to Know About One Company Making a Coronavirus Vaccine

Sin Hang Lee, Ph.D. — Risks and Failures of HPV Vaccines for Cervical Cancer Prevention

Theresa Deisher, Ph.D. — Ethical Vaccines and The Use of Human Fetal Cells to Make Vaccines

Rodney Deitert, Ph.D. — Why the Microbiome Matters

Richard Deth, Ph.D. — Inflammation, Epigenetics, Autism and Lessons for COVID-19 Vaccines

Dawn Richardson — U.S. Vaccine Mandates in State Legislatures Since 2010

Ted Kuntz and Rocco Galati, J.D. — The Lobby to Remove Vaccine Choices in Canada

Kris Gaublomme, M.D. — The European Experience with Mandatory Vaccination

Michael Farris, J.D. — Why Homeschooling Is Under Attack and What You Can Do About It

Rabbi Michoel Green — Ethical Questions on Mandatory Vaccination: Respecting Life and Guarding Your Soul

Bishop Joseph Strickland — Rejecting the Culture of Death to Embrace the Sanctity of Life

Eric Metaxas — The Role of Freedom of Conscience for Martin Luther and the Protestant Religion

Stephanie Christner, D.O. — The Shrinking Medical Vaccine Exemption Handcuffing Doctors and Increasing Vaccine Risks

Alvin Moss, M.D. — Why and How Vaccine Mandates Violate the Ethical and Legal Right to Informed Consent

Larry Palevsky, M.D. — The Physician’s Duty to First Do No Harm

Bob Sears, M.D. — When Public Policy Invalidates Professional Judgment: A Pediatrician’s Experience

David Brownstein, M.D. — Since When Did It Become a Crime to Support the Immune System?

Eric Plasker, D.C. — Raising Healthy Families the 100-year Lifestyle Way

State Sen. Scott Jensen, M.D. — Censoring Freedom of Speech: If It Can Happen to Me, It Can Happen to Anyone

Ronnie Cummins — Grassroots Rising

Joseph Mercola, DO — How To Take Back Control of Your Health

Barbara Loe Fisher — Defending Life and Liberty in the Vaccine Culture War

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., J.D. — Pharmaceutical Companies Must Be Held Legally Accountable for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Odette Suter, D.V.M. — What Veterinary Science Tells Us About Pet Vaccines

Steven Rubin, Ph.D. — What Has Happened to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System?

Twila Brase, RN, PHN — Electronic Health Care Records Tracking You from Birth to Death

Marco Cáceres — Tyranny of the Experts: Who’s Fact Checking the Fact Checkers?

Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. — Mandatory Vaccination: Adults are Next

Kevin Jenkins — Knowledge is Power

State Sen. Heidi Sampson — Under the Influence: The Vaccine Mandate Lobby Influencing State Legislatures

Andrew Wakefield — Past is Prologue: What the History of the 1986 Act Reveals

Sheila Ealey — When Mothers are Silenced, Children Suffer

Andrew Kaufman, M.D. — Psychological Warfare in the COVID-19 Era

Vera Sharav — Doctors Guilty of Medical Atrocities: From Auschwitz to Tuskegee, Willowbrook and Beyond

Del Bigtree — Walking the Highwire: You Never Walk Alone

People Are Losing Faith in Vaccine System

Obviously, the biggest event over the past 12 months has been the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ultra-rapid development of a pandemic coronavirus vaccine which may or may not become mandatory around the world. Fisher has put together a special report on COVID-19, which she continues to update.

“Certainly, the polling is confirming — not just in the United States, but around the world — that people are losing faith in the vaccine system; they are losing faith in vaccine safety and effectiveness. A lot of it has to do with what has happened this year,” she says.

“This has been a public relations disaster, in my opinion, for the public health profession. They are the ones that have advised politicians around the world, lawmakers, to institute these draconian restrictions, the social distancing, isolation, deprivation — restrictions on people for an infection that at this point has a mortality [rate] of less than 1%.

It doesn’t even compare to some of the infectious diseases that have plagued humans in the past, most notably Ebola, which has a 50% mortality rate, smallpox 30%, diphtheria 10% to 20%.

It’s just so outsized [and[ out of balance what they’ve done, and caused a lot of protests all around the world, and a lack of trust in the system. So, it’s their own fault for making people more skeptical.” 

Communicating With Your Legislators Is Key

Through it all, the NVIC has continued to monitor legislation in the U.S. Many state legislatures have been working remotely, not allowing people to come into the state capital buildings. As a result, many more Americans are now using the free online NVIC advocacy portal to email and to call their legislators — which is what it’s there for.

“We also have been encouraging people to meet one on one with their legislators, which is the most effective way that you can talk with people and convince them that they need to take a look at these vaccine laws that don’t allow exemptions,” Fisher notes.

“What I learned when I worked on Capitol Hill was the people who really run the place are the legislative aides. They’re the ones [who] really create the legislation. They’re the ones [who] recommend to the member what they should do. I think a lot of people don’t realize the power that people have who work for congressmen and senators at the federal and state level.

So, if you’re not able to meet with your actual member, don’t be upset. You need to meet with the people who are advising him or her and make sure that you are clear about where you stand, and, of course, a legislator wants to get reelected. So, you have to make your voice heard.”

Best and Worst of 2020

So far, this year, and we’re only in September, NVIC has issued positions and tracked 232 vaccine related bills in 39 states. That’s the highest number of vaccine-related bills ever to have been introduced in state legislatures in one year. There were 13 bills in 10 States that sought to eliminate vaccine exemptions. None passed.

Of 10 bills filed across eight states to restrict vaccine exemptions, only one passed (Colorado) requiring a vaccine provider signature or completion of an online education module for religious or conscientious exemptions.

In total, there were 99 bills that NVIC supported — bills expanding vaccine exemptions, the right to make vaccine choices, and offering protection against vaccine tracking systems and a few of these good bills did pass. Of the 123 vaccine bills NVIC opposed, only eight bad vaccine bills passed.

“That’s a remarkable statistic,” Fisher says. “It is absolutely a tribute to the people who are using the NVIC advocacy portal. They are taking the guidelines and the analyses that we publish, they’re looking at the information, they’re getting their facts straight, and they’re contacting their legislators. This is true grassroots advocacy …

In 2015, there were only 19 bills that NVIC supported. So, in five years, we’ve gone from 19 bills that were good in 2015 to 99 good bills in 2020. That also shows you the power of really encouraging people to stand up for their rights and to communicate with their legislators …

There was a very bad vaccine bill [that] passed in Virginia, one of the worst that has ever been passed. That is a bill that would codify into law the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ (ACIP) recommendations without public hearings, without input really to the legislators, without a vote by the legislator.

Whenever the ACIP makes a recommendation that children should use a certain vaccine, in Virginia it will automatically be put onto the state mandated list [of vaccines] for children to attend school.

The Board of Health will do a review, but the Board of Health is politically appointed. So, basically, what Virginia did is they cut the people out of the process. No longer will there be a vote. So, all the advocacy work that we’re encouraging, that’s how they’re going to try to cut it off.

I predict they’re going to try to go state by state with this legislation they passed in Virginia and make every state that way, cutting the people out of the legislative process, which is a direct threat to democracy.”

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Expected

Fisher is convinced any COVID-19 vaccine, which makes it through licensing approval by the FDA and is eventually recommended by the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, will eventually be mandated by state governments for all children. Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic is unquestionably one of the greatest threats to freedom and liberty we’ve ever faced in modern history.

“The way that they will do that is [through] social sanctions. They will try to get businesses to make it a requirement that you have to have a COVID-19 vaccine in order to work in an office. They will make it mandatory for anyone entering a public space. That’s what their goal is. Whether they achieve that or not is up to us. It’s up to the people …

What they have done is unprecedented. This has never occurred in the history of the world and what is so remarkable is that, when you take a step back and look at it, you see that it is highly orchestrated. 

How in the world did all the governments, including the U.S. government, decide to shut down their societies — causing widespread, catastrophic, global economic ruin, unemployment at unprecedented levels, small businesses being destroyed?

They [small businesses] will never come back, or it’s going to take a long time to come back. Mental health issues and suicides are up, anxiety and depression rates are up, child abuse and spousal abuse rates are up. Hotlines are not able to manage all of the callers because people are in a state of shock and they’re suffering — for what?

Yes, you can die and you can be injured by this COVID-19 infection, just like any other infectious disease. But the fear and anxiety that has been created, the pathological fear of being near anybody, ‘Don’t touch anybody. Don’t be near anybody.’ You would think it was Ebola and people were literally bleeding out in the streets.

This is like influenza or other respiratory infections. But look at Sweden’s per million death rate. They did not lock down. Their chief epidemiologist said, ‘We need to allow controlled herd immunity to take effect. This is an infection. It’s going to go through the population. You cannot stop it. You have to manage it, but let’s get herd immunity.’2

They [in Sweden] have a lower per million death rate than the United States where we tried to lock everything down. So, the science is not all in and, yet, they’re rushing to bring these vaccines out using messenger RNA and DNA technology that has never been licensed for humans. There are all these calls to mandate, to make sure that every man, woman, child takes this vaccine.

This is a coronavirus, it’s in the family of coronaviruses that cause the common cold. There are studies showing that it looks as if you can have a mild case of COVID-19 and still get T-cell memory helper cells that are resisting the COVID-19 infection … They also know that you can have a mild case, and it looks as if you can get immunity without even having high antibody levels.3 To me, this is a game changer.

They are having clinical trials and the standard, the measurement they’re using to measure proof of immunity, is antibody titers, when the truth is — for this virus — you can have T-cell immunity and no antibodies, but still be immune!4

The other issue is, we could have herd immunity already in the U.S. A lot of asymptomatic people won’t be counted as being COVID-19, so you could have herd immunity in this country already, or getting close to it, but they simply aren’t measuring for it.”

Lessons From Previous Mass Vaccination Campaigns

There’s no shortage of historical precedents when it comes to devastating pandemic vaccine campaigns. Aside from the 2009 pandemic swine flu vaccine campaign, which led to thousands of children and teens developing narcolepsy5 in Europe6 caused by the Pandemrix vaccine, there’s also the 1976 swine flu fiasco, detailed in this 1979 “60 Minutes” episode.

Fearing a repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, all Americans were told to get vaccinated. According to “60 Minutes,” 46 million Americans were vaccinated against the swine flu at that time. Over the next few years, thousands of Americans filed vaccine damage claims with the federal government,7 severely marring the public’s perception of flu shots.8

According to a 1981 report9 by the U.S. General Accounting Office, as of October 2, 1980, 3,965 claims and 1,384 lawsuits had been filed. Of the 3,965 claims filed, 316 claims were settled for $12.3 million. Considering the COVID-19 vaccine is using novel RNA and DNA technology, it seems foolish not to assume there will be significant adverse consequences.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen when you give a vaccine to someone who has already recovered from COVID-19. We don’t know how the immune system is going to react to rechallenge. We don’t know what’s going to happen to people who have underlying medical conditions, people who have severe allergies, autoimmune disease. Everybody’s different,” Fisher says.

“This one size fits all approach has always been dangerous. And the ignoring of vaccine reactions, writing them off as coincidences, this has become a pattern in vaccine clinical trials. Whenever a serious event happens, or a death event happens, the investigators write it off as not associated.

What’s that about? It’s not being truthful. They don’t know if it’s related or not. But who makes that decision and why are they making those decisions? That skews the way the vaccine safety profile is being presented to the public.

You really have to look at the data. You have to look at the studies and understand the methodology they used, before coming to a conclusion about whether they’ve proved to safety and effectiveness. That’s what we try to do at NVIC, and put it out in lay terms so that people understand it.”

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As in previous years, during Vaccine Awareness Week, we will match donations made to the NVIC dollar for dollar, so it’s a great time to leverage your charity. You can make a tax-deductible donation here.

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This year, the best bang for your buck is to purchase a ticket to the NVIC’s international public conference on vaccination.10 Any profits generated from the event go to support NVIC’s work through public education to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths and to protect vaccine choices and civil liberties, including freedom of thought, speech and conscience.

For just $80, you get access to 40 speakers — that’s just $2 per lecture — plus viewings of two full-length films!

You also can offer your personal support for this historic event by becoming an NVIC conference sponsor with a one-time donation of $250 or more, which gives you two tickets plus your family or organization name recognition. It also grants you permanent access to the conference speaker presentations online. The NVIC would not have been able to keep the general admission ticket price affordable had it not been for the generous support of conference sponsors.

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