It’s been 23 years since I launched, and I am tremendously excited and grateful to be celebrating this momentous milestone with you! When I started this website in 1997, my goal was to teach people simple, inexpensive natural alternatives to drugs and surgery. 

Thankfully, we’ve been able to reach hundreds of millions of people throughout the years. And although we’ve made improvements to the functionality and design of the site, its goal remains the same: to offer practical health solutions and tools that will help people take control of their health.

Our operations have changed as well and, in 2018, we made the strategic move to relocate from Hoffman Estates, Illinois, to Cape Coral, Florida. Aside from being in process to utilizing all-solar energy for our office building, we will also be adding a greenhouse where we will grow our own plants. We also plan to have a retail shop that’s open to the public.   

I never imagined that we would be able to achieve all the milestones that we’ve accomplished so far — and yet now I’m confident that there’s still more we can do. With that said, here are the key initiatives that I’m proud to highlight this year.

Coming in 2021: The Herbal Immunity Recipe Book

You may fondly remember renowned Australian chef Pete Evans, who I collaborated with on the “Fat for Fuel Cookbook” in 2017. It’s the perfect companion book to “Fat for Fuel,” and it features essential information that I couldn’t fit in my book, to help you get started on your ketogenic journey. Then in 2019, Pete and I collaborated again to write the “KetoFast Cookbook,” which offers nourishing recipes to help you successfully implement the KetoFast eating strategy.

Now I’m happy to announce that Pete and I will be co-writing an Herbal Immunity Recipe book, which will feature immune-boosting recipes using herbs and spices, some of which you may already have growing in your garden.

I really couldn’t ask for a better co-author, because Pete shares my passion for eating nourishing foods, and knows how to take these foods and transform them into recipes that are as enticing and delicious as they are nutritious. Herbs and spices are some of the healthiest foods out there, and I am excited to share with you these recipes to maximize their healing potential.

This cookbook will come out in 2021, so please standby for updates. With the need to bolster optimal immune function becoming more important especially in these times, I highly recommend having this valuable resource on your bookshelves.

From ‘Forget Facebook’ to ‘Goodbye Google’

Last year, I made the decision to leave Facebook, because it had grown into a censoring surveillance platform that incessantly preys on people’s personal data and violates their rights to privacy. This year, I am taking another giant leap by blocking Google from indexing 

Google is the largest monopoly the world has ever seen, and it’s absurd just how it has deeply infiltrated our everyday lives. It collects data on every move you make and eavesdrops on each conversation you have, whether you’re online or out in the real world.

This power poses threats to our society, such as being able to manipulate the information that the public sees through their ability to restrict or block access to websites, and manipulating public opinion through search rankings and other means.

And did you know that Google can track your movements even if you’re offline? Android cellphones, which are a Google-owned operating system, can track you even when you’re not connected to the internet, whether you have geo tracking enabled or not. And as soon as you go online, Google gets access to all the information stored in your phone.

But Google’s monopoly now goes beyond web search, as it now has a potentially dangerous monopoly on online advertising, which it has acquired by buying DoubleClick, an internet ad serving company that has already dominated the digital advertising market.

And with its recent acquisition of Fitbit, it’s clear that Google is also after your health data. Through Fitbit, Google will have access to all your physiological information and activity levels. In fact, Google, Amazon and Microsoft also collect data entered into health and diagnostic sites, which is then shared with hundreds of third parties, without your knowledge or consent.

Knowing these facts, it is now absolutely crucial for you to take steps to protect your privacy. Harvard-trained psychologist Robert Epstein recommends simple steps to do this, such as using a virtual private network (VPN) such as Nord and clearing your cache and cookies. You can learn more by clicking on the article below.

Read Here to Learn How to Protect Your Privacy

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I strongly suggest simply avoiding Google products, as they account for the greatest personal data leaks in your life. I am proud to say that is now Google-free — we no longer use Google Analytics, or Google search for internal searches and have never used Google ads.

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The Billion Agave Project has supported multiple anti-GMO campaigns over the years, and has partnered with organizations that push for regenerative practices, one of which is the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). Together with OCA, we have been making positive impacts to the farming system one step at the time, helping mitigate the climate crisis and problems with food sustainability.

Recently, Ronnie Cummins, co-founder and international director of OCA, helped launched the Billion Agave Project, which involves the use of a new agave-based agroforestry and livestock-feeding model to help small farmer livestock production while sequestering carbon above and below ground.

This method was developed in Guanajuanato, Mexico, and has already been successfully adopted by several innovative Mexican farms, but it’s also applicable to many other regions, even on degraded, semi-arid lands.

This strategy makes use of agave plants as well as nitrogen-fixing companion tree species, mesquite, huizache, desert ironwood, wattle and varieties of acacia. When densely intercropped and cultivated together, these plants can help draw down massive amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere and yield large amounts of biomass that can be used as fodder for the animals that will rotationally graze these farms.

The goal of the Billion Agave Project is to spread this strategy to other regions and eventually plant one billion agaves globally, which will help put more carbon into the soil where it belongs. Most importantly, the Billion Agave Project is funded by donations and investments from public and private sectors, so if you want to support this brilliant campaign, I urge you to donate by clicking the button below.

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Continuing the Fight Against Water Fluoridation

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has been instrumental in reducing fluoride exposure in North America and in many countries throughout the world over the past 20 years, and although we’ve had many victories, the battle is far from over. During our 2020 Fluoride Awareness Week, Dr. Paul Connett, founder of FAN, has given us an overview on where we stand in the fight against water fluoridation

A coalition that includes FAN, OCA, Food & Water Watch, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Moms Against Fluoridation and several individuals, filed a petition for EPA to ban the addition of fluoridating chemicals to the U.S. drinking water on November 22, 2016.

The EPA denied the petition February 27, 2017, claiming that the coalition failed to provide “a scientifically defensible basis” to show that people have suffered neurotoxic harm due to fluoride exposure. This, despite the fact that it presented more than 2,500 pages of scientific documents that back up these health risks, which include lower IQ levels in children and higher ADHD risk. In response, FAN has filed a lawsuit to legally challenge EPA’s denial.

FAN was scheduled to begin arguments in front of a judge and explain the neurotoxicity of fluoride June 8, 2020. Connett said:

“I am very optimistic. [The EPA] doesn’t have the science. We do. And not only do we have the science, but we have some of the world’s best experts testifying for us … I think we’ll have no trouble in demonstrating three things: One, that the preponderance of evidence that fluoride is neurotoxic is overwhelming. Second, that it is a risk at the levels at which we add fluoride to the water. And thirdly, it’s an unreasonable risk.”

If FAN wins this lawsuit, the EPA will most likely appeal as a part of the government’s classic stall tactic. But no matter how long they drag it, Connett is certain that the end of water fluoridation is inevitable. He says:

“I do believe that if a federal court, having heard both sides, declares that fluoride poses an unnecessary risk, an unreasonable risk to the developing brain of our children, that that news will ricochet around the fluoridating world … t’s going to have a huge impact.

And I think the citizens will be able to use this as ammunition to say to their health departments, ‘Come on. Why are you doing this? Why on earth would you continue this practice when you know that if you want fluoride, you can simply brush it on your teeth and spit it out. What is your rationale for continuing this?”

If you’re also concerned about the health effects of fluoride and want to eliminate it from your drinking water, please help spread the word about its toxicity and consider supporting FAN with a donation.

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NVIC Warns Against the Fast-Tracked COVID-19 Vaccine

The government and pharmaceutical industry are rapidly moving toward mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19, along with tracking and tracing vaccinated individuals. Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), warns that not only will this endanger your right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccine risk-taking, but it will also put your health and safety at risk.

This fast-tracked vaccine will be using novel vaccine delivery methods, such as the microneedle array injection, which is funded and promoted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Unlike conventional injections, microneedles have fluorescent quantum dot tags, which leaves an invisible mark that can be read by a smartphone equipped with a special sensor.

According to Fisher, Bill Gates has not only been pushing to vaccinate everyone in the world, but he’s also intent on being able to track vaccination records in our bodies. She says:

“Certainly, this type of administration of a vaccine is a double bubble because not only do you get the vaccine in the person, but you also are able to track them … They’re determined to somehow implant, or in some way have our bodies carry our vaccination records …”

Moreover, the mRNA vaccines being developed against COVID-19 are designed to alter your RNA and DNA to turn your body into a protein manufacturing plant. This is a tremendous concern because if your immune system is hypersensitive, it could overreact and result in autoimmune diseases.

Do not give up your health autonomy for the false security that a fast-tracked vaccine can offer, as it could potentially put your health and safety at a greater risk. If you want objective and accurate information so you can make well-informed choices about your vaccinations, visit the NVIC website and consider supporting them through a donation.

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Marking Significant Victories for Mercury-Free Dentistry

Over the past years, we’ve made big leaps toward a mercury-free future for dentistry, but last year’s developments were particularly significant to this cause. In November 2019, Consumers for Dental Choice presented FDA with scientific evidence that shows the toxicity of dental amalgam, successfully pushing it to reconsider its outdated and unscientific stance on mercury fillings.

FDA’s scientific advisory committee members recommended that the agency break its silence and provide information to patients about health risks of dental amalgam, then take additional concrete steps to protect vulnerable populations. The scientists recommended a transition away from amalgam; some advocated a complete phase out.

Consumers for Dental Choice was also able to turn the tables on pro-mercury dentists at a state-level. In Maine, a rule requiring pro-mercury dentists to disclose the risks of “silver fillings” and the availability of mercury-free fillings was passed. This rule also required them to obtain written consent from the patient or their parent or guardian before implanting mercury fillings. This campaign has now expanded to other state dental boards.

Charlie Brown, executive director of Consumers for Dental Choice, also addressed the issue of toxic amalgam at the Minamata Convention on Mercury and succeeded in urging countries to take accelerated steps to quickly phase down the use of amalgam.

Many countries have taken steps to phase out amalgam fillings in the past year. In summer 2019, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic and Slovakia announced plans to phase out amalgam use. Nepal banned amalgam use in children under 15, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, and announced a five-year plan to phase it out completely.

These may seem like minor achievements, but considering how bad the situation of dental mercury was, I see this as a momentous victory for the dental mercury-free movement, and I commend Charlie’s team on the wonderful work they do.

In your own way, you can help eliminate mercury from dentistry, by spreading the word about mercury-free alternatives. Please consider donating to Consumers for Dental Choice as well to support and carry forward their campaign.

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23 Years of Transforming People’s Lives — All Thanks to You!

In my 20 years of medical practice I was able to help over 20,000 patients but decided I could reach hundreds of millions on the web and help promote natural medicine more effectively. Of course, would not be what it is today without your continuous patronage. There are simply no words to express my overflowing gratitude for the steadfast support that you’ve given us through the years.

2020 marks new levels of threats to your health and I remain committed to help you and your family navigate this treacherous landscape. Your loyal support helps our site continue to be the platform that will help shield you and your family from mainstream medical misinformation and guide you on the path of natural healing without sacrificing your privacy or health freedom. Hope to have at least another 23 years of helping you Take Control of Your health!

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