If you have nail fungus or are observing symptoms of nail fungus, it is incredibly important to make sure any nail clippers, files, tweezers, or any other nail tools are properly sterilized after each use.

The reason this is so important is that you can continue to get reinfected from these tools every time you use them even if you are getting treated, or you can spread the fungus to family members or any other people you might be sharing your nail tools with (although ideally, you should not be sharing these items!).

methods of sterilizing your nail clippers

Even if the aforementioned reasons are not valid and you are not being treated and you do not share these items with anyone, the fungus can get deposited and build upon the clippers, and from reusing them your infection may worsen. And even if you do not have nail fungus now, you can develop it from dirty tools.

So here are some effective methods of sterilizing your nail clippers and other nail tools:

1. Alcohol: Boil some water and add it to a specially marked bowl that you will not use for anything else. Add dish soap and soak your nail tools in this solution for about half an hour. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub the tools, so you can get any leftover hardened debris or fungus off the tools.

Next, apply to rub alcohol of at least 70% concentration to a paper towel, and thoroughly wipe down each of the items. Finally, wipe the objects dry with a dry paper towel, and lightly rinse the bowl with a small amount of alcohol to sterilize it as well.

2. Barbicide: Professional salons use a brand of disinfectant known as Barbicide to sterilize their nail tools by soaking in the solution, which you can also do at home. There are different concentrations of Barbicide on the market, and you can choose whichever one is available to you. The instructions for that particular concentration will be listed on the packaging.

3. Bleach: Bleach is commonly used as a disinfectant in many different contexts, be it killing germs in the home, in hospitals, or in nail salons. It is extremely corrosive, so make sure to wear gloves while handling it and avoid inhaling its fumes.

Prepare a dilution with one part of bleach and nine parts of water, and soak the nail tools for about half an hour such that they are completely submerged. Later, you can use an old toothbrush to scrape off any remaining debris, similar to the case of using alcohol. Finally, dry off with a dry paper towel.

4. UV Light: UV light can effectively kill many types of pathogens, including fungi and bacteria, and this is why many people choose to invest in one. Simply shine the UV light on your tools for about 45 minutes.

methods of sterilizing your nail clippers

By using any of these methods, you can effectively sterilize your nail clippers and other tools to protect yourself and others from nail fungus. If you are experiencing symptoms of nail fungus, you should seek medical attention immediately from a doctor. You can schedule a free consultation with a doctor at one of over 120 locations by calling 1-(800) 672-0625, or going to https://www.lasernailtherapy.com/.

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